Creating your dream will be an easy collaboration from concept to installation. The noMADbox team will guide you every step of the way.


Prior to becoming a finished product, each box goes through a complex design to meets the specific end user needs and is manufactured off site. Due to the robust nature of shipping containers, they can be transported turn key almost anywhere [with the exception of services connection], taken down and relocated again.


Not only are they functional, they are aesthetically pleasing which enhances the social and visual environment.



The design of your bespoke noMADbox will begin after you decide on your noMADbox use, size and initiate dialogue. A member of the team will be in contact to arrange a design meeting where the team will create your dream. We are available to meet with you onsite to discuss your project.*


Designed base drawings and associated construction costs will be provided at the end of this phase.


Following your consent, we will be ready to move to the stage of constructing your noMADbox.


It is important to remember that you may require statutory approvals and we advise you contact your local council or statutory authorities. We will provide you with all base drawings should they be required. We currently can offer full planning services in Northern Ireland.*


Off-Site Construction

We will start the construction of your bespoke noMADbox. The secret is quick off-site construction. We will engage with our construction team to ensure that everything goes according to plan and your noMADbox is constructed to our high standards. Once construction is completed your noMADbox is ready to be transported to site.


Site preparation

Whilst the off-site construction of your noMADbox is underway, you are required to obtain the services of a local contractor to prepare the site for installation and obtain all services connections. We will provide a site plan indicating the location of foundations and entry point for the services to be connected.



Your bespoke noMADbox will be delivered to site by lorry and craned into place, where it will be connected to the utilities.


*These services will incur an additional fee and are subject to acceptance.