Where do I start?

Browse our website thoroughly to understand the concept and design. Know what you want the space to be used for and select the right box size for you. Contact us to initiate dialogue to design your noMADbox.


What can my noMADbox be used for?

Your noMADbox can be designed for any use, from live, work to play or anywhere your imagination takes you. Please review our Living the Dream Page.


What are the sizes of a noMADbox?

We have 3 different noMADbox sizes for you to choose from. These are either a 20ft, 40ft and 45ft.The average internatl sizes vary depending on internal finishes. For internal dimensions, please review our Boxes Page.


What will my noMADbox look like?

Every noMADbox is designed to be bespoke, from internal fit out and finishes to the external cladding. Your noMADbox will be completely customised to meet your needs and aspirations.


Can I join two noMADbox’s together?

We do not currently provide this option, a noMADbox is a single box only.

Should you wish for a design outside of the design options available here, please contact Patrick Bradley Architects to engage in full architectural services.


How do I know if my site is right?

Things to consider; is the site suitable for foundations, is the site large enough to accommodate the box you desire, have you got access to utilities, have you got access to the site – remember a crane is required to transport the box¬ from the lorry to the foundations.

Remember you will need to have all services in place, and it is worth doing some homework if these are readily available to the site and what permissions you may require. These costs are not included in the construction cost of your box.


Do I need Planning permission?

Prior to contacting us, we advise you to check with your local planning authority or council on your ambitions. Your architect or agent will be able to advise you on this. We can provide outline base drawings of the box for planning applications.

We can provide this service in Northern Ireland only at present. This will incur an additional fee if planning advice and application submission is required.


How much does a noMADbox cost?

Prices will vary depending on the specification of the finishes internally and externally, use type and end location delivery. noMADbox will assist you during the design meeting to understand your budget and expectations. Prices do not include for site preparations and connection of services. Please review our Boxes Page.


Where do we deliver?

Currently we only delivery to the UK and ROI. The price for delivery will vary depending on the end location.